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Acquisition of ADT, Industrial Division

John Crane announces its purchase of Advanced Diamond Technologies, Industrial Division.
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Sealing Simplified

Introducing the new T4111 Single-use Elastomer Bellows Cartridge Seal, making life easier for maintenance engineers in industries using aqueous solutions, including food and beverage, water/wastewater and mining.
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Introducing the John Crane Blog

Bringing employees, customers, partners and everyone in between the most up-to-date news on all things John Crane.
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Chemical Processing

We have hands-on experience with virtually every style and standard of rotating equipment.
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Power Generation

John Crane’s depth and breadth of applied engineering expertise and reliability services help plants of all types increase uptime and reduce emissions.
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Pulp and Paper

We help companies meet strict pollution regulations through engineered components and seal support systems that limit emissions and tolerate high temperatures.
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As an innovator in applied engineering, John Crane is well equipped to address the unique and challenging requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
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Oil and Gas

To support the industry’s highly regulated operations, we offer a wide range of innovative services and applied engineering solutions.
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Your Name Is How We Make Ours

For more than 100 years, John Crane’s experience and technical expertise has helped keep global process industries ready to meet the ever-changing needs they face. Our customers depend on John Crane to ensure their operations run efficiently and effectively. Our team of experts use the latest technologies to maximize reliability, provide rapid response and develop innovations needed for mission-critical rotating equipment and challenging environments. Today. Tomorrow. Together.

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The Manufacturing Institute Honors John Crane’s Lindsay Schubel and Kara Chmielewski with 2019 Step Ahead Award

John Crane today announced that Lindsay Schubel, Ceramic Quality Engineer III, and Kara Chmielewski, Director of Sales & Service, Midwest, have been named winners of the Manufacturing Institute’s 2019 Step Ahead Awards.

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John Crane Careers

Our engineered solutions drive reliability and uptime so our customers can meet the world’s global demand for energy. If you’re eager to tackle the exciting, mission-critical challenges of serving the world's largest energy services providers, you'll fit right in.

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T4111 Single-use Elastomer Bellows Cartridge Seal

The new T4111 Single-use Elastomer Bellows Cartridge Seal was designed to make life easier for maintenance engineers in the food and beverage, mining, and wastewater industries. Converting from packing or component seals will generate a significant cost savings.

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We serve our customers with a combination of technical expertise and quick response time, supporting mission-critical operations in the energy services sector and other major process industries.

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